FreePBX Firewall Alpha Release -- 2019-04-07

I’ve finally pulled my finger out and have built a new FreePBX Firewall release, with the fixes for working inside a LXC container.

To upgrade to this (alpha!) release, here’s the command to run from the console:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall

Or, simply paste the URL into the ‘Upload Modules’ section of Module Management.

Changes are:

  • Handle running in a restricted container ‘better’ - The main problem is trying to access kernel information, specifically Jiffies. If it can’t get the current jiffy, it’ll guess. This means the ‘Status’ tab time may not be accurate, so there’s a warning added there, too.
  • Enable rate limiting on the provisioning ports too. This should have been there from the start, but I discovered a bug, and this is now fixed.

You can see all of the changes at Github.

Please feel free to report any issues here! If there aren’t any problems found, I’ll submit these two fixes as pull requests.